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Vodou is Education …

Excerpt of a sermon given by a Houngan (Vodou Priest)

Listen to this short clip (in French / Kréyol) of a sermon given at a Vodou temple in Port-au-Prince in Haiti. The sermon was given by the Houngan (priest) Samba’el (aka Elien Isac). The temple is named Cécile after the Mambo (vodou priestess) Cécile Fatiman who presided over the 1791 ceremony at Bois Caïman which launched the first slave insurrection of the Haitian Revolution.  Recorded by Audra A. Diptee with permission of the Houngan.

About adiptee (10 Articles)
Audra A. Diptee has a PhD in history (University of Toronto, 2006). She is the Managing Director of the not-for-profit The History Watch Project. She is also a university professor. Her research covers common themes in Caribbean and African history.

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