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What’s Beneath the Water in Lake Nasser?

When a Lake is More than a Lake ....

By Bonnie Bates.  Standing atop the Aswan Dam, looking across Lake Nasser towards Sudan, it’s hard not to wonder what is lurking under the water of this man-make lake. When Egypt announced plans for the Aswan Dam and flooding a large portion of southern Egypt (and northern Sudan), there was a race to relocate the ancient temples, colossal statues and other treasures of antiquity. UNESCO and many international partners were successful in relocating large-scale temples such as those of Abu Simbel and Philae, but they were forced to leave behind many more than they could save. Nubian families of both Egypt and Sudan were relocated from their traditional lands, the pain of which is still felt today. And now there are plans to build more dams and flood more land. How many more families will be displaced, and history submerged?

About Bonnie Bates (13 Articles)
Currently working towards a Masters in History and African Studies at Carleton University, my areas of interest include North African and Saharan history, gender, identity, culture, politics and language.

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